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Place the "Bid on [platform]" button next to the share button#16

We should get something next to the Share button that just opens up to the bidding page. So for example when I’m scrolling someone’s creations, I might want to open up a few pieces before I leave that profile, especially if it’s hic et nunc where i might actually buy 3 or 4 different NFTs from the same person on a whim. It would save a few clicks because right now we have to click into the token’s Showtime page, then click on the button to take us out to HEN or OpenSea or whatever platform.

The red circle sloppily drawn could be where the “Direct to Hic et Nunc/OpenSea” button could go. There’s enough room I think that it wouldn’t be too cluttered, but mobile may be a different story. It’s relatively corner case but it would be another little quality of life improvement for the website.

a year ago